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February 16, 2018 by Iben
Here's the skinny.

I turned a computer into a guinea pig.

For 20 months I used only a firewall, opera and firefox.

The browsers were stock and kept up to date.

The computer OS was not updated.

After the 20 months I scanned the whole computer with

updated windows defender and found nothing.

The computer works great, don't try this at home.




Background Intelligent Transfer Service

Delivery Optimization

Update Orchestrator Service

February 15, 2018 by Iben
FNC's Shep Smith: "We Are "Failing Our Children" Because We 

Can't Figure Out Why They Are Killing Each Other"


Here is a hint.

I am 54 this is how it was when I was in school.

They set the trash can on fire two classes a day.

Spit wads the size of baseballs made out of news paper.

Punched in the back getting on the bus for no reason.

Gum in the hair.

Eggs on the chalk board when the teacher turned her back.

Kids tee shirt said "flunk now beat the rush". ...
January 12, 2018 by Iben
Why do people immigrate to the United States?

Why do people move out of California?

December 15, 2017 by Iben
The problem with anything is trying to over control it.

Progress waits for no one.

No one has to force progress it will happen even if

you try to prevent it. The climate will take care of it self,

the human race will invent new technology and carbon pollution

will decrease.

The problem today is people are panicking and panic never works.

Just get out of the way and progress will take care of

any problem real or imagined.

Progress waits for no one.  

June 10, 2017 by Iben
Open after market browser


Click 3 vertical dots on upper right to customize

Undock window

Click network tab

Red button on left stop recording

Check box to work offline.

January 30, 2017 by Iben
How many syrian refugees going to china?
November 25, 2016 by Iben
Time is the propagation of electromagnetic radiation,time is light.
The speed of light is a constant because there is no way to
detect time changing speed in your own frame of reference.
The speed of time-light is only an operant constant.
The universe is filled with electromagnetic radiation,
light has a finite speed possibly because light must travel through itself,
this could be the limiting factor.Only light can travel at the speed
of light because light is time. If you could travel a...
May 25, 2008 by Iben
1:Hydro Electric, Nuclear, Oil, Natural Gas, Coal
If you use it in your own back yard,
You should try to get it from your own back yard,
and always be as energy efficient as possible.2:Human beings are a product of nature, therefore anything
humans do is a product of nature.
I wonder if Yellowstone could heat a cup of coffee?
You put a pipe in the ground, the ground is hot,
put water in the pipe and get steam which turns a turbine
which turns a generator which generates electricity
May 4, 2006 by Iben
Could it be that planetary position,
changes on the sun and other unknown factors
besides human activity,
are causing weather fluctuations on Jupiter and elsewhere?

Jupiter's New Red Spot

Big, Bright Two-Spotted Jupiter Dominates the Evening Sky
January 2, 2006 by Iben
One process I use.


Step 1:
I record the different tracks of my song using the Boss BR-8.
Rhythm, bass, lead guitar and so on.

Step 2:
Now I am ready to do the final mix of the song.
I hook my Boss BR-8 to my computer using an optical cable.
My computer is equipped with Sound Blaster Audigy platinum EX.
This has an external connection box which will hook to the optical cable
From the BR-8. This is a digital hook up.

Step 3:
I can now use my high quality computer spe...
August 27, 2005 by Iben
A space station is orbiting Mars,
We will call it Mars station.
A space station is orbiting earth,
We will call it NASA1.
A rocket with crew is docked at NASA1,
We will call it Mars Express.
Mars station, NASA1, and Mars Express each have their own clock.
All three clocks are synchronized.
For this exercise we will say it takes 45 minutes
For a radio signal to travel from Mars station to NASA1.
At 4:15 AM a radio signal is sent from Mars station to NASA1,
and Mars Express blasts off a...
December 19, 2004 by Iben
Let’s discuss society’s obsession with Charlotte church naked, and our need to lose weight.
First of all, who is Charlotte church, seems she can be found at a website called
“he who laughs last thinks the slowest”.
Is it really her there at that site?
Can we really lose 10 pounds in one week and should we want to.
Yes we can lose 10 pounds in one week, but doing so is bad for the body
Especially if we repeat this type of behavior.
There is only one way to lose weig...
December 12, 2004 by Iben
Back in July 2004 I was looking for a good HTML editor.
I searched the net and tried a good number of programs.

I ended up purchasing AceHTML 6 pro.

When I write the code for my web pages, I start by figuring
out where and what size I want the tables to be.
I keep it simple. I am by no means an expert.
This program turned out to be just what I was looking for.

Just thought I would pass this along for anyone who might
be trying some different editors.
There is a free trial avai...
September 12, 2003 by Iben
I recently upgraded the amount of Ram on my computer.
When I bought my computer it came with 256 MB of RAM.
I have a 1.80 GHZ chip and my operating system is XP home edition.
I now have 512 MB RAM.
What a difference a little more RAM makes!!
Up until a week ago 256 was getting the job done.
Although at times when working with certain programs I did have to keep an eye on how much memory I was using. One limitation was not being able
to keep any more then a few applications open at the sam...
September 12, 2003 by Iben
“In my perfect world” iben iben 1 20 2003-09-12T04:18:00Z 2003-09-12T05:30:00Z 1 124 708 5 1 831 10.2625 Clean Clean MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 “In my perfect world”  By Iben 9/11/2003 9:22 PM In myperfect world that doesn’t exist yet, Taxes shouldnever go up or down.  There should be no need for taxes to change on any given item,  whether it is income or goods.  The acceptable percentage of tax would be  different on different items,  but once this ...