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Something to ponder
Published on August 4, 2020 By Iben In Everything Else

We have a 20 pound weight and a scale on the surface of Earth that

we will take on this trip.

We have a space ship that has a new engine that accelerates particles

of matter to propel it self and can accelerate for years if necessary.

We blast into orbit around earth and are traveling 17000 miles per hour.

Alpha Centauri, 4.3 light-years from Earth is our destination.

The engine is turned on and using our 20 pound weight and a scale

we accelerate at a constant 32 feet per second per second toward Alpha Centauri.


Question 1: Using our acceleration rate to calculate our velocity,

what is our velocity after 355 days ship time and is this the velocity we are really going?

Question 2: After 355 days ship time how far is it to Alpha Centauri?

Question 3: How many days have we observed go by on Earth?

Question 4: We have an experiment on earth that checks the one way speed of light,

using a laser a clock a detector and a set distance.

We put it in a room at sea level parallel to the floor. The laser fires every 5 minutes

and we get the same time stamp for 24 hours. Do we get the same time stamp if we point

the experiment straight up and do we get the same time stamp if we point

the experiment 45 degrees from straight up?

Question 5: After calculating the answer to all these questions will we

understand the "uncertainty principle" and what year will it be?


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