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Let's look at the evidence.
Published on January 13, 2021 By Iben In Politics

In the "not a socialist country" you could apply for a job with great benefits

and a possible retirement package. Here is a partial list of jobs that would

give you a good chance of long term survival.

SpaceX has government contracts and there are a host of other companies that have government contracts.

Space Force.

1 United States Congress

2 Federal judiciary of the United States

2.1 Specialty courts

3 Executive Office of the President

3.1 White House Office

4 United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

4.1 Office of the Secretary of Agriculture

4.2 Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm Production and Conservation (FPAC)

4.3 Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services (FNCS)

4.4 Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food Safety

4.5 Under Secretary of Agriculture for Marketing and Regulatory Programs (MRP)

4.6 Under Secretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and Environment (NRE)

4.7 Under Secretary of Agriculture for Research, Education, and Economics (REE)

4.8 Office of the Under Secretary for Rural Development (RD)

4.9 Office of the Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs (TFAA)

5 United States Department of Commerce

5.1 Office of the Secretary (OS)

6 United States Department of Defense (DOD)

6.1 Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)

6.2 Universities and research institutes

6.3 Unified combatant commands

6.4 Joint agencies

6.5 Department of the Army

6.6 Department of the Navy

6.7 Department of the Air Force

7 United States Department of Education

7.1 Office of the Secretary of Education (OSE)

7.2 Office of Deputy Secretary of Education (ODSE)

7.3 Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

7.4 Office of the Under Secretary (OUS)

7.5 White House initiatives and operating commissions

7.6 Advisory bodies

7.7 Federally-aided corporations

8 United States Department of Energy

9 United States Department of Health and Human Services

10 United States Department of Homeland Security

10.1 Agencies and offices

10.2 Offices and councils

10.3 Management

10.4 National protection and programs

10.5 Science and technology

11 United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

11.1 Agencies

11.2 Offices

11.3 Corporation

12 United States Department of the Interior (DOI)

13 United States Department of Justice

14 United States Department of Labor (DOL)

14.1 Office of the Secretary (OSEC)

15 United States Department of State (DOS)

15.1 Agencies, bureaus, and offices

15.2 Permanent diplomatic missions

16 United States Department of Transportation

16.1 Operating administrations

17 United States Department of the Treasury

17.1 Departmental offices[9]

17.2 Bureaus[10]

18 United States Department of Veterans Affairs

18.1 Office of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs

18.2 Agencies

19 Independent agencies and government-owned corporations

19.1 Established under United States Constitution Article I, Section 4

19.2 Established under Article I, Section 8

19.3 Government commissions, committees, and consortium

19.4 Authority under Article II, Section 1

19.5 Authority under Amendment XIV

19.6 Other agencies and corporations

20 Joint programs and interagency agencies

21 Special Inspector General Office

22 Quasi-official agencies

22.1 Arts & cultural agencies

22.2 Museum agencies

22.3 Commerce & technology agencies

22.4 Defense & diplomacy agencies

22.5 Human service & community development agencies

22.6 Interior agencies

22.7 Law & justice agencies

Check out the full scratching the surface list here.

Don't forget the states.

I have included a video to help explain that it is not a socialist country.

on Jan 13, 2021

How about a new department?

The department of economic stimulation.

The department could hire people who would be known as "economic stimulation specialists".

Each specialist would have a budget and do work to stimulate the economy.

The specialist could have a phone and a keyboard, these tools could be used to stimulate the economy.


on Jul 23, 2022

Switzerland is a prime example of a capitalist country that has some socialist policies. Switzerland's economy is almost entirely made up of small- and medium-sized businesses because its government promotes policies that are very friendly to entrepreneurship.