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Double slit experiment and quantum entanglement, my explanation.
Published on June 20, 2021 By Iben In Everything Else

In the double slit experiment, the bar with the two slits is a lens.

If you change the location of the lens it changes the focal point

which changes the picture you see on the screen and the results 

of the experiment. You can go a step further and put on the wrong prescription

glasses when you view the results of the experiment, this will change the entire

history of the experiment and change the results you observe.


On to entanglement.

You have two entangled electrons, you measure one and determine the spin.

When do you think you know for sure the spin of the other entangled electron?

Answer: When you measure the other entangled electron.

on Jun 22, 2021

The laser puts a dot on the screen, if you look at the dot 

I think you are looking in side the laser.

The laser might have a cavity with two mirrors and the photons

might spend some time in there before they head to the screen.

Think about a movie projector.


on Jun 22, 2021

The light goes through the left slit then it is split, think left half goes

to the screen and right half goes to a detector so you know which slit it went through.

The light goes through the right slit then it is split, think left half goes

to the screen and right half goes to b detector so you know which slit it went through.

In both cases you know which slit it went through.

In both cases you are only watching the left half of the movie on the screen.


on Jun 22, 2021

Since we don't detect one photon going through both slits, the wave

only goes through one slit but can go through either slit.

If you fire one photon at a time with out detecting which slit,

an interference pattern builds up on the screen photo plate

because it can go through either slit and does.

If you detect which slit, you lose half the information and the interference pattern.

The interference pattern is caused by the laser projection going through

either slit and the (projection of the inside of the laser which must add

information to each photon).


on Jun 27, 2021

Alfred Hitchcock Presents the unified field theory,


There is no explanation only partial explanations, questions, math, predictions and results.

Biology says life has these seven properties: organization, growth, reproduction, metabolism, homeostasis, response, and adaptation.

Quantum physics is alive.


on Jul 03, 2021

Why would a photon go through only one slit and not both at the same time?

The snake theory of light.

Snakes and light both travel as a wave.

A snake can go though any hole in a fence but the tail will follow

the head through the same hole.


on Jul 04, 2021

on Jul 09, 2021

You can light the way.

You can't stop rock and roll.


What is perfection?

An infinite empty vacuum.

But nothing is perfect.

Everything in the vacuum starts to fall away to infinity

because there is nothing to hold it up.

When things fall they accelerate because everything

falls until nothing is left.

But nothing is perfect.

on Jul 10, 2021

I have been thinking about cause and effect.

I notice a lot of effects and much of the time the causes

are realized and documented long after the effect.


In eighth grade the science teacher asked the class "is the world particulate or continuous?"

Now I ask is the world real or a video game?


Could we be Mario trapped in a video game like flat land.

We can't escape because we only exist in the game.

There is no way for us to view the universe out side the game.

We could look for bugs in the game and may have found some already

to prove the idea.

Is there an experiment that will prove you are moving through

space without looking out the window? Yes, Foucault's pendulum.

If you find aliens that are light years away, watch out there

is a galactic protection tax that will come in the mail soon after, from them.


on Jul 10, 2021

"Anything is possible" "nothing is impossible".

Infinity is more likely than finite. There is always something on the outside.

As everything in the vacuum starts to fall away to infinity light is pouring back

and something of matter could be ejected from the falling objects and sent back toward

the origin of the fall. These ejected objects could happen in numerous places.

An ejected object could find itself in a very vacuumy vacuum.

This could cause the object to leak and heat, energy from this object would then fall

in every direction at speeds at or even beyond the speed of light.

Next cooling and matter would form slowing down the fall.


The aliens spotted us a long time ago and said "just ignore it may be it will go away".


on Jul 11, 2021

on Jul 12, 2021

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