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Mastering, CD burning, tagging .mp3 for the net.
Published on January 2, 2006 By Iben In Personal Computing

One process I use.


Step 1:
I record the different tracks of my song using the Boss BR-8.
Rhythm, bass, lead guitar and so on.

Step 2:
Now I am ready to do the final mix of the song.
I hook my Boss BR-8 to my computer using an optical cable.
My computer is equipped with Sound Blaster Audigy platinum EX.
This has an external connection box which will hook to the optical cable
From the BR-8. This is a digital hook up.

Step 3:
I can now use my high quality computer speakers to listen to my song
While I use the BR-8 to adjust the mix.
Once I have the mix adjusted to my liking I use Acid 2.0 to record the final mix.
Now that it is recorded using Acid 2.0 I can use the Acid program
to adjust the final out put volume to the Max db with out distortion.
I now render to a high quality .wav file using Acid.

Step 4: Creating a master on CD.
Now using the process above I have all my songs for my final CD
Stored on my computer as .wav files.
I can now use the computer to burn all my songs onto a CD.
This will be my digital master CD.
I can use a stand alone CD copier to make copies of my master CD at high speed.

Step 5: Tagging .mp3 for the net.
Now I want to put one of my songs on my website.
Using Creative Play Center which comes with Sound Blaster Audigy platinum EX.
I will convert one of my songs from a .wav file to an .mp3.
With .mp3 files you can select a wide range of compression.
128 kbps is what I like to use, good enough quality and good amount of compression.
40 MB turns into 4 MB or so.
The .wav file has more sound integrity to the trained ear.
I will now tag my .mp3 using the file info tab in Winamp. (Open the .mp3 with Winamp)
This is where you record title, track #, artist info, copyright, album, URL, comments, and so on.
Now my song in .mp3 format is ready for upload to my website and the net.

Recording music in the digital age, part I.

My songs on the net can be found here.

on Jan 02, 2006

I voted
on Jan 06, 2006
Sound Blaster Audigy platinum EX,
Comes with an infrared remote control,
and so do other Creative Labs products.
The remote turns your computer into a home entertainment system.
on Jan 07, 2006
One process I use.

The fact that you have this all figured out, is impressive to say the least.

on Jan 08, 2006
Digital recording works more in the way a computer works. Right?
on Jan 18, 2006
Just made a new cd, I didn't write or perform the music,
but I feel pretty good just making a playlist and coping
music to a CD, this one is for massage therapy....
on Jan 25, 2006
I am pretty sure that Iben, had a birthday!
So I want to say Happy Birthday!
(even if it's belated)
on Jan 25, 2006
Thank you!

Having recently completed my own CD, I'm always ready to learn better and clearer ways to record my music. Thanks for the information, I just wish I read this earlier. ;~D

It was fun working through my own mistakes though. I'm just glad there were people here at JU willing to pay to hear it... mistakes and all. :~D
on Feb 12, 2006
Cynder-Elluh and ParaTed2k,
Thanks very much for commenting.