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lose 10 pounds in one week
Published on December 19, 2004 By Iben In Blogging

Let’s discuss society’s obsession with Charlotte church naked, and our need to lose weight.
First of all, who is Charlotte church, seems she can be found at a website called
“he who laughs last thinks the slowest”.
Is it really her there at that site?
Can we really lose 10 pounds in one week and should we want to.
Yes we can lose 10 pounds in one week, but doing so is bad for the body
Especially if we repeat this type of behavior.
There is only one way to lose weight and keep it off.
No matter what anyone says, you have to change you life style permanently
to keep weight off. If you are not willing to change I am afraid you
are kidding yourself.
Become physically active out doors, this is the
secret to being healthy. Find some activity to do outside on a regular
basis, which you can enjoy and look forward to.
Or become a heavy smoker, this will keep the pounds off
but it is bad for you.
Finally the secret to keeping weight off is to find a mental
activity that you get lost in and time passes quickly.
This will bring you pleasure and desiring pleasure is why we eat.
Concentrate on things that bring you pleasure that don’t
involve eating, drinking or destructive behavior.
Search and you will find.

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on Jan 09, 2005
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on Apr 13, 2005
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on Apr 13, 2005
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on Apr 17, 2005
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