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A fifth grade math test
Published on November 27, 2019 By Iben In Everything Else

You are taking a job on the other side of the country 3000 miles away

and you have to be there in one week.

You will drive a fully loaded personal truck with a fully loaded

box trailer. Each day you will drive 600 miles starting at sun up

and you will stop at a motel 6 at night to rest.

I researched the Tesla truck and it sounds like you could have a 500 mile

range and at a Tesla Megacharger station you could get an 80% charge and

400 more miles in 30 minutes of charge time, making it possible to use for your trip,

assuming that you can get the 500 mile range with a fully loaded 

Tesla truck and trailer?

Question 1 How many days will it take to get to your destination?

Question 2 What kind of truck will you drive on your trip?

Question 3 Any comments?


on Nov 27, 2019

I already drive a Chevrolet Bolt EV Iben and I think Frogboy drives a Tesla S so maybe he can post something too.

That 500 mile range on the Tesla truck coming out in a year or two is only under basically perfect conditions, which would probably never happen unless you were driving in above 80F degree temperatures and on flat ground for the entire trip. So I am not even going to attempt to figure this one out.

But if you are planning on buying an electric vehicle, then please do! Everyone on the planet needs to eventually, the sooner the better!   


on Dec 02, 2019

I wondered what happens to the batteries when they are worn out.

Here's What Happens to a Tesla Electric Car Battery at the End of its Life.

I predict the future is electric, but I can't predict the future source of the electricity at this time.