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Published on February 15, 2018 By Iben In Politics

FNC's Shep Smith: "We Are "Failing Our Children" Because We 

Can't Figure Out Why They Are Killing Each Other"


Here is a hint.

I am 54 this is how it was when I was in school.

They set the trash can on fire two classes a day.

Spit wads the size of baseballs made out of news paper.

Punched in the back getting on the bus for no reason.

Gum in the hair.

Eggs on the chalk board when the teacher turned her back.

Kids tee shirt said "flunk now beat the rush".

They smoked pot on the P.E. field before the teacher got there late every day.

Spit wads all over the movie screen after the lights came back on.

If you said the wrong thing or looked at someone wrong you were in a fight.

Dirty tricks bloody lips and fire crackers like quarter sticks.

And everybody just shuts up.

I saw a girl get shaving creamed on the last day of school.

She had to go take a shower.

I could go on but why you are in denial.


on Feb 16, 2018

...and none of them had a gun.

on Feb 16, 2018

One item I left out of many was the school evacuations

due to bomb threats.

A kid in my neighborhood a block from my home got killed

playing with a gun, I was in 2nd or third grade at the time.

on Feb 16, 2018

Gun-free Zone = Target-rich Environment

You seldom see successful mass murder committed at police stations.

0.02  YMMV

on Feb 16, 2018

It is 2018.

You have to have security personnel at schools in large enough

numbers to monitor all entrances and handle a variety of threats.

This is the only answer.

If this isn't done you don't really care.

Keep blowing smoke.

on Feb 17, 2018

If every law and every call failed to prevent the Florida school shooting,

then the only way it would have been prevented,

is security personnel at the school.


on Feb 17, 2018

2016 data shows 37,461 people were killed in car accidents in the US. Use to be 50,000 a year.

On average there are nearly 13,000 gun homicides a year in the US.

And the leading cause of death in the US.

About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year.


on Feb 20, 2018

I moved to a new school half way through 8th grade.

I was not a trouble maker in school, sorry.

The first day at the new school last class of the day literature.

The teacher assigned me to a seat right between the two biggest trouble

makers in the school who both each out weighed me by fifty pounds.

Wasn't she sweet.

Second day literature I assigned myself a new seat up against

the back wall in the class because most of the debris was going forward

toward the front of the class room.

Last day of school someone vaselined the door knob in that class and

I got sent to the office because when I walked in I subconsciously 

wiped it on the wall. I think the teacher did it.   


on Feb 25, 2018

"Can someone that’s been in a Gunfight tell that &#@*%$@# that’s Never

been in a Gunfight, the flaws of his Arm The Teachers plan??!!"

— Samuel L. Jackson (@SamuelLJackson) February 23, 2018


The flaw of your statement:

Most of the people who have shot up schools have never been in a gun fight.

If the teachers have training they will have an advantage.


on Feb 25, 2018

Most of the people who have shot up schools have never been in a gun fight.

All the children who have died in a gunfight have been in one gunfight...

So your point is?

on Feb 26, 2018

Quoting Iben, reply 8
Most of the people who have shot up schools have never been in a gun fight.
All the children who have died in a gunfight have been in one gunfight...

So your point is?

If you are executed by hanging, is that a rope fight?

on Feb 28, 2018

An argument for arming school teachers

on Mar 04, 2018

Alex Jones must be to close to the truth.


I am thinking of listing every name in the phone book

so we know who the one leader of our country is.


It is like the authorities in Florida did everything

possible to make that school shooting happen.


on Mar 21, 2018

Role model in 2018?

on Mar 30, 2018

I have decided to boycott camera Hogg, I will not listen

I will not watch I am just going to turn the channel.

This has been a camera Hogg debate.