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What would happen if the oil bubble pops?
Published on May 25, 2008 By Iben In Blogging
Hydro Electric, Nuclear, Oil, Natural Gas, Coal
If you use it in your own back yard,
You should try to get it from your own back yard,
and always be as energy efficient as possible.
Human beings are a product of nature, therefore anything
humans do is a product of nature.
I wonder if Yellowstone could heat a cup of coffee?
You put a pipe in the ground, the ground is hot,
put water in the pipe and get steam which turns a turbine
which turns a generator which generates electricity
which will heat a cup of coffee.
If you cool the lava enough maybe you could postpone
the next big eruption.
Global cooling technology.
What would happen if the oil bubble pops?
So next you could put a Geothermal Steam to Electricity
plant somewhere in the Hawaiian Islands,
and run a cable at the bottom of the ocean over to California.
It would hopefully be cold enough most of the
trip to give you a more efficient transmission of the Electricity.
You could pay me ten million to do the study or you
could pay Al Gore a Trillion.
I've been to Idaho, it is windy there,
you could try wind turbines in Idaho.

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