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Published on September 12, 2003 By Iben In Personal Computing
I recently upgraded the amount of Ram on my computer.
When I bought my computer it came with 256 MB of RAM.
I have a 1.80 GHZ chip and my operating system is XP home edition.
I now have 512 MB RAM.
What a difference a little more RAM makes!!
Up until a week ago 256 was getting the job done.
Although at times when working with certain programs I did have to keep an eye on how much memory I was using. One limitation was not being able
to keep any more then a few applications open at the same time.
What put me over the edge?
My internet provider is AOL when I updated to 9.0 I found I was using about 30 MB
more Ram then I was with 8.0. This did me in. I was already walking a thin line memory wise. I had already chopped the processes I keep in the background down to a minimum, and I wasn’t about to stop using the skin applications that add about 30 MB to
my page file usage. I couldn’t go back to AOL 8.0 because I found once I installed 9.0
if I went on line with 8.0 I no longer was receiving 56K, probably AOL’s way of forcing
me to use the new version. So the only thing I could do is add some Ram.
I am happy to report that this was just what I needed. Now I keep as many applications open as I want to and only get up to about 318 MB page file usage. I don’t bother to close applications if I might want to use them again and I keep more folders open also.
I notice things are happening faster and my hard drive is getting a rest.
I would recommend that if you are going to buy a new computer with XP just get all the RAM you can afford .You’ll be glad you did!!

on Nov 14, 2003
Just checked out your website Iben, and I would like to say, "You deserve an A for effort.
It is always refreshing to see and watch someone with determination with a willingness to achieve a goal.
Keep up the good work, I think you will soon discover what you can REALLY acomplish.

White_Moth 11/14/03
on Dec 21, 2003
Yep nice site... GCJ
on Sep 30, 2004
Thanks White moth and GemCityJoe...
Your encouragement helped me continue to improve my website.
I feel I am making good progress and I will continue to make progress if I keep working at it.

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on Apr 04, 2006
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on Apr 10, 2006
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