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An alternative method
Published on December 11, 2004 By Iben In Wincustomize Tutorials
One way is to use the AniUtil.exe utility; in this article I will discuss an alternative method.

You will need paint shop pro and paint shop pro animation shop, (which come bundled) for this method.

Let’s say that using the above programs together you create an animation in animation shop with 25 frames. Record in your notes that you are using 25 frames.
When making an animation with this method you will want to have as little excess space in your frames around you subject animation as possible, this is a given for decreasing the end file size to as small as possible.

Now in animation shop click file, export frames to picture tube, when the dialog opens make sure to select the all frames check box. Name the tube and save it where you can find it.

Next open the picture tube with paint shop pro, double clicking the tube file should open it in paint shop pro automatically.

Click file, save as, when the dialog opens select Portable Network Graphics (.png) .
Name = name.png
You now have a borderless film strip, meaning it is one continuous frame that can be divided evenly by 25, which is the original number of frames you started with.

Now you can use this .png film strip to create an animation with DesktopX or CursorXP, for example.

When importing into the program you are going to utilize your film strip with, just remember to look at your notes, to see how many frames you were using, the animation will only work if you input the correct number of frames.

Questions are welcome.

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on Jan 20, 2005
Very nice
on Nov 29, 2005
I've spent a boat load of time trying to do just this. Thank you, Iben!!
on Jan 22, 2006
BustinABogie and Sleeping Dragon,
Thanks very much for the comments,
I am glad you like it.
Here is an article I wrote that might help people who want to get
started using a cool program called Wings 3d.


Just put in a search for Wings 3d if you would like to find the program.
on May 04, 2006
I'm just getting started, er...getting started. This is exactly what I was looking for, as I just today picked up a copy of Corel Paint Shop Pro X at my local Best Buy. Haven't broken the seals on it yet, wanted to see if anyone mentioned it here, first. Thanks, Iben! Just what I was looking for. Would really like to try my hand at creating animations.
on May 05, 2006
I am very glad you like the article!!
on May 05, 2006