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You've been warned
Published on April 9, 2019 By Iben In Everything Else

Will a self driving car be able to see in dense fog in the day time?
I use fog lights and slow down.
What happens when the detector can't see but the brain box thinks it still can?
Human drivers know from instinct what other human drivers might do in many
driving situations. Human drivers can't predict what self driving cars will do,
adding another layer of uncertainty and possible chaos to a human's drive.
How many miles have the people driven who think self driving cars is a good idea?
When given a split second choice will the self driving car hit a cow or the bus?
I'll take the cow choice and aim for anything but dead center.
Will a self driving car even know one is a bus and one is a cow and take into
account the speed, direction, weight and possible passengers of each choice?
Cruise control for the gas is all I would use and have used, I would never feel safe in a self driving car.
They are crazy.

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on Jul 05, 2019

Infrastructre has been in decline or decades now. It'll take a lot more than just talk to get this bloated pachyderm up and off  to the races.

on Jul 16, 2019

Even if I had a car with self-driving capabilities, I'd turn it off upsers.

on Jul 16, 2019


Even if I had a car with self-driving capabilities, I'd turn it off.

Exactly!  Just because we can [have self-driving cars] doesn't mean we should.

There may be places where self-driving cars could possibly be viable [freeways, highways, etc] but as Dave Bax pointed out, these are not always accessible to the average/regular motorist who is just leaving home to visit friends or relatives, to go to work or go shopping.  In these instances the self-driving car is/will be a liability.

In this current age there are no real situations a self-driving car can or will be safe.... period.

In 200 -300 years, maybe, but right now it's ludicrous to even think self-driving cars are a viable proposition.

on Jul 16, 2019

Show me where there is a substitute for intuition and I'll show you a self driving person. 

on Jul 16, 2019

Quoting -RG-,

I would rather have a self-driving riding mower cut my grass for me and do it on its own. I know they make mowers that do some of that now, but I would like to have one that took care of itself. In other words, charge itself, cut the grass itself, and put itself away. That would be nice.  

I make a point of buying houses that have no grass....

I will keep that in mind when I purchase my final resting place.  

on Jul 17, 2019

I don't know you guys are very pessimistic. I guess for the first few years their will be bugs that need to be worked out. Lets compare a human reflex next to a machine. A computer can compute at nano seconds. Where a person would need at least 0.7 seconds to identify the problem then at least 0.7 seconds to decide. Then at least 0.7 seconds to react. Something a computer can do in 3 nanoseconds. 

Seeing through fog is a problem for a person. Where a computer doesn't need eyes. Maybe it uses eyes, maybe it doesn't. Automobiles could give off signals. Technically  everyone could give off signals. Even animals could get marked. 

Now if a car can't tell a bus is more important than a bus then it's more of a program fault. The computer should always chose people.

What about the person who can't see to drive.

on Jul 17, 2019


What about the person who can't see to drive.

Then that person should never be a motorist.  Period!

I no longer drive because health issues dictate that I am not safe behind the wheel, and I choose not to drive for the greater good, the other motorists and pedestrians using the roads, etc.  I therefore suggest most vehemently that incapacitated persons do not need self-driving cars but a taxi.... somebody capable to drive for them.

on Jul 17, 2019

Providing of course the driver has a fair knowledge of HOW TO drive. Then I'm all for it but......reading about some instances where the driver and passengers were at odds with one another......I'll take my bike. 

on Jul 17, 2019

I've met some of the world's most capable drivers.  The holders of a 'Super Licence' - that means Formula One [in spite of what the locals might say...it IS the pinnacle of Motorsport] and yet I can say quite unequivocally that the current World Champion [and thus in theory the best driver on the planet] is an utter dickhead.  Doing burnouts in a rental car outside the circuit in a public city street?....there are eff-wit HOONS that do that.

Provided Hamilton doesn't program the self-drive cars there's a fair to middle chance they will end up superior/safer than him....

Sadly, as an FIA Observer I'm required to be impartial....but I do tend to smile a wee bit when he sticks it into a barrier...