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or proof that length contraction doesn't occur.
Published on March 15, 2018 By Iben In Everything Else

We have a space outpost 1 light year from earth that we want

to send a message to in much less than a year.

We have a collection of satellites in large orbit around earth

and a collection of satellites in large orbit around the outpost.

Each satellite will have a large mirror for collecting, focusing and reflecting

our transmissions. Each satellite will travel at 99% the speed of light.

When we transmit our message from earth we will utilize a satellite near earth

and a satellite near the outpost that are traveling toward each other. 

Because the satellites are moving toward each other at almost the speed

of light the distance between the satellites will be contracted (length contraction).

The message will only have a short trip between the satellites. This will allow

a message travel time of much less than a year from earth to the outpost.

We are simply reflecting a message through an alternate reality.


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on Jul 13, 2021

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