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Published on January 12, 2018 By Iben In Politics

Why do people immigrate to the United States?

Why do people move out of California?

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on Jan 25, 2019

"The Media Industry Laid Off A Thousand People In January. It May Not Be Over."

Maybe they could hire undocumented immigrant journalists to save money

and some talk show hosts too.


on Jan 28, 2019

Want to cut down on abortion? Just declare unborn babies undocumented immigrants in New York.

on Jan 31, 2019

Nancy Pelosi: "There's Not Going To Be Any Wall Money" From Bipartisan Committee

on Feb 01, 2019

How about we build a barrier on the border and use a cloaking device to make it see through.

We could call it the "virtual open border".


on Jun 17, 2019

Head lines:

Buttigieg: Nobody Is Above The Law, But Prosecution Can't Be Politicized

John Oliver Makes the Case for Impeaching Trump: ‘Nobody Is Above the Law’

Hundreds of protests billed “Nobody Is Above the Law” are planned across the United States and Canada.

Pelosi accuses Barr of lying to Congress: 'Nobody is above the law'

Manchester progressives join wave of national 'Nobody is Above the Law'

okey dokey


on Jun 27, 2019

Are people who walk into the US across the southern border homeless?

on Jul 21, 2019
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