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Here is a possible explanation.
Published on November 25, 2016 By Iben In Science & Tech
Time is the propagation of electromagnetic radiation,time is light.
The speed of light is a constant because there is no way to
detect time changing speed in your own frame of reference.
The speed of time-light is only an operant constant.
The universe is filled with electromagnetic radiation,
light has a finite speed possibly because light must travel through itself,
this could be the limiting factor.Only light can travel at the speed
of light because light is time. If you could travel at the
speed of time,for you no more time can pass.AS you approach the speed
of time-light,time-light gains on you less and less and time-light for you slows down
but you can not detect this until you return to the clock you left at home.
You can't measure the contraction of the length of an object with a ruler
that is contracting with the object,time-light is the ruler.
If light traveled at an infinite speed,reality would end with one spike
in an infinitely short time.
The universe must be AC.

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on Nov 29, 2016

Remains the same relative to distance traveled. At point 99c time dilation plays a huge role. Should you manage to match light speed that increase is exponential. 

on Dec 02, 2016

Although the math may be correct the following is for your entertainment only.

In the Michelson Morley experiment the light traveled about 36 feet
a time of about 36 billionths of a second.
That means the earth traveled around the sun at 18.5 miles per second
and in 36 billionths of a second about .003 of a foot.
Draw a line 36 feet long now at the end draw a perpendicular line .003 of a foot,this is about 1/25 of an inch,
At the end of that line draw back to the beginning of the first line to make a triangle.
Now find the difference of the length of the two long lines.
That difference is the discrepancy you are looking for in the experiment .00000185185184788269066376558 of an inch.
Set up the experiment look in the eye piece then look away and move one of the mirrors .000002 of an inch
from the eye piece then look again and see if you notice.
Boost the earth to half the speed of light and see if you notice that in the eye piece.
After the above earth boost if you don't see it in the eye piece these are the possible reasons.
1. We aren't moving and live in a simulation.
2. The thing light travels through comes along in side your space ship and possibly
a good distance out side the space ship,in this case earth and we will arrive
at Andromeda soon.

on Dec 03, 2016

Think of all the things around you. Those you can reach out and touch. Time though...its been here from the git go, is here now and will be here till the end. You just can't reach out and touch it. Time is also a constant. Its constantly moving forward. Don't believe me...look at your clock. It ain't running backwards.

on Dec 03, 2016

Time is also a constant. Its constantly moving forward. Don't believe me...look at your clock. It ain't running backwards.
It's only the way humans perceive it Ross.....Time is infinite not moving in any "direction" and/or happens all at once. 

on Dec 03, 2016

on Dec 03, 2016


Morris day & the Time


not moving in any "direction"

on Dec 03, 2016

But you can only experience time in the here and now. You can't experience the time before because you already did, no repeats allowed. You can't experience time after because it hasn't happened yet. So time does indeed move, forward, from one moment to the next. Time exists in the past, present and future but only the present can be experienced directly. One is behind you, the other in front with you in the middle. Time's arrow dude moves in only one direction regardless of how you perceive it. Fly in a plane from east to west. The time zones put you back in time but your watch says different. Einstein's frames of reference. 

on Dec 05, 2016

[quote who="neone6" reply="23" id="3659927past-present-and-future-exist-all-at-once

Yup but, like I said, you can only experience the now. You did the before and you have to wait for what comes next. I did my fair share of physics.

on Dec 05, 2016

you can only experience the now.

It's only the way humans perceive it Ross
Just like I said 

on Dec 06, 2016


on Dec 06, 2016

I believe that,
for us the only thing that you can experience and really exists is the past,
our future is the present that is impossible to measure.

on Dec 06, 2016

for us the only thing that you can experience and really exists is the past,

Terribly sorry but I beg to differ, The past is just that, memories.

-Just because you (think) you remember something there's nothing to say that it couldn't have been implanted by, let's call it "Higher beings/powers".

-The only thing you can experience is the "now" which doesn't really exist for us either as we, as stated, perceive time as constantly moving forward (just to make this thing about time a little bit more F'd up)

on Dec 07, 2016

Time is the shit that I seem to never have enough of.

on Dec 07, 2016

Time is what many people waist, always thinking they will do it tomorrow. Should have done it when they thought about doing it.

Time is when people wonder "where did the time go" It moved forward as it always does and you did nothing about using it. Time decided not to wait till you decided to use it correctly or exactly how you wanted to use it.

We do projects and something went wrong and we have to start over again. One may say "what a waist of time" No it wasn't because something was learned so we wouldn't do it wrong again next time. No time is wasted when learning things.

We do things we like, enjoy, or even projects or work. Things get done and we wonder where that time went. Time went forward as it should but we made good use of it.

Use time wisely because as soon as I hit "Post Reply" I may not be here anymore to know what time is doing for me.

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