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Advice to keep it that way.
Published on September 24, 2005 By Iben In Windows Software
Buy a good computer to start with.
Expose the computer to as little heat and dust as possible.
Keep your operating system software up to date.

Have a good antivirus program and keep it up to date.
I recommend Norton Antivirus.

Rid your computer of spyware.
I use three spyware detection programs and keep them up to date.
Spybot search and destroy is one to have.

Don’t clutter your computer with a lot of unnecessary programs.
Have priorities some for fun and some for work.

Dump your temporary internet files at least once a week.

If you use system restore, I recommend using disk clean up
To clean old restore points that are no longer needed.
If your computer is running good and you haven’t installed
Any new software for a while, this is the time to clean all but the last restore point.

Here is the key.
Defragment your hard drive or drives,
Every two weeks. This will give very noticeable results
When used in conjunction with the above.

You could shut down unnecessary visual effects,
For some added speed.
If you like effects, just use efficient ones.

Don’t overload your internet browser
With a lot of after market tool bars or add-ons.

512 MB ram minimum.

Take this advice at your own risk.

on Sep 25, 2005
I bought new running shoes for mine. You should see it go.
on Sep 26, 2005
I bought new running shoes for mine. You should see it go.

get yer skates on then....gotta catch it
on Oct 01, 2005
Sleeping Dragon,
Tell me about those shoes?
on Oct 01, 2005
What happened to all the other posts?
on Oct 01, 2005

Gremlins got mine!

on Oct 01, 2005
This thread has been seriously tampered with. Bad news
on Oct 01, 2005

There is a responsibility for ALL within the community to respect people's input/comments, whether this 'thread' originates on Wincustomize.com, or on JoeUser, it's not appropriate to 'play' with people's reasonable input/contribution.

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People would 'do well' to consider the feelings of others before summarily dismissing their input by comment deletion.....

on Jan 09, 2006
Works for me...