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The sure fire method.
Published on March 18, 2017 By Iben In Internet
Lets say you use firefox and it isn't working right any more.
This is why, it has corrupted files.
If the usual emptying of all cached history data doesn't work you
could try this.
First uninstall the program but that won't fix it.
Next you have to make visible all hidden files and folders in folder options.
C:\Users\you\AppData is the location where the corrupted files should be.
There should be 3 folders in AppData and you will have to look in each one
for firefox files and folders and delete them.Also look in common folders
in AppData and the program files folder and delete firefox out of there also.
Now install a different browser other than firefox and use it for a few months
or until it stops working and then get rid of it as described above.
Now do a fresh install of firefox and it should work again.

on Mar 19, 2017

Good info there iben. 

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