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Why I bought a computer, and ended up customizing my GUI.
Published on October 30, 2004 By Iben In WinCustomize Talk
I wanted to make multi track guitar recordings, with good sound quality.
I did some research and decided to try a digital recorder. I went to Guitar Center and bought a Boss BR-8.
The BR-8 is a digital eight track recorder. You can use a mic or plug your guitar directly into it. It has built in guitar effects, and an adjustable drum synthesizer.
You can play tracks and record tracks at the same time. The BR-8 is an extremely powerful tool; I didn’t realize how powerful it was until I started using it.
The BR-8 records onto zip disks, which enable you to save everything you record.
Next I bought an optical cable and a cd burner; I hooked them up to the BR-8 and burned my songs onto a cd so I could listen to them on my home or car stereo.
I wanted to do more, I wanted to put graphics on my cds and cd cases, and I wanted to be able to do complex drum tracks.
I saw a way to do all this with one tool; this is why I bought a computer.
I immediately installed Sound Blaster Audigy platinum EX, which came with a host of programs and an external connection box that would hook up to my BR-8.
Now I could use Acid 2.0 for recording and mixing tracks on my computer, and I could use the fruityloops step sequencer to create complex percussion tracks for my songs.
I also started working with graphics programs so I could make custom graphics for my cds and cd cases. Getting into graphics led me to start customizing my computer interface, this is how I accidentally started making wallpaper and application skins. For me it’s all about customizing every thing and making it my own, from music to cd graphics to computer interface.
Now that I had a computer I went onto the internet to explore what it was all about.
With my music programs I could convert .wav to .mp3 and email songs that I recorded to my friends and family. On the net I found a cool program called winamp that let me customize my music interface on my computer. I thought wouldn’t it be cool if I could customize all the windows on my computer. I searched around and found Windowblinds and the ultimate computer interface customization website, WinCustomize.com.
I bought Object Desktop by Stardock, a host of programs for customizing your computer interface.
Finally I started building my own website with the help of AOL.
Now I could share my art work (music and graphics) with friends, family, and anyone who happens to surf into my website.

If you are interested stop by my website and check out my songs and graphics, it might give you ideas, and could open a whole new world for you too.

Iben's Website

on Oct 30, 2004

I will bookmark your website!  just beware of RIAA!  The nazis are ready to pounce!

But you go!  Thanks for the link!

on Oct 30, 2004
Thanks Dr.Guy.
I hope you enjoy exploring my site and everything connected to it.
on Nov 02, 2004
similar story here...a pc was first and foremost meant to be a way to record my music...which led to me being sidetracked into digital graphics...gonna go check outyour site.
on Nov 02, 2004
Thanks for stopping by I.R.
Wouldn't it be nice if we had endless free time for these things that sidetrack us.
on Nov 17, 2004
How to hook up my guitar to my computer ?
Soundblaster by Creative.

on Nov 17, 2004
Iben, interesting post. I have a 16 track digital recorder connected by firewire to my PC via a Terratec soundcard. Once on my hard drive, I use Cubebase to add to, mix and master my songs. Haven't got into the graphics side yet, but I'm very interested. Thanks for the link and I will be checking out your site for sure.
on Nov 17, 2004
dynamaso, thanks for commenting.
I use CD Stomper pro, for setting up my printing, for my cd cases and cd labels.
I use a hp photosmart 1115 printer, which came with great software.
The hp software got me started with graphics. Now I also use Paint shop pro 7, which is a relatively inexpensive program and has great capabilities.
Happy recording!!!!!
I hope you get into the graphics too.