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Space vehicle
Published on February 11, 2006 By Iben In New Releases
Gravity Shield 1 wallpaper

Space vehicle:

Propulsion: Gravity Shield

The ship has a long fuselage with a gravity shield antenna at the back end.


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I hope you like it.
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on Feb 11, 2006
on Feb 11, 2006
Thanks Sir Bichur!!
I like your new avatar.
on Feb 11, 2006

on Feb 12, 2006
Your troll seems to have fallen... and he can't get up...
on Feb 12, 2006
Very cool wall!
on Feb 12, 2006
Iben....yes, very nice and fantastic graphics/design on the spaceship.....

However, and I don't know if it's from a scientific or personal view, but I'd like to see the background sky dark (maybe a few scattered stars)....as in, if the ship was in orbit above the planet below, there'd be no atmosphere to clour the sky blue.
Just a personal thought....but hey, please don't take it as a criticism of your work, it's great work and....well it's a suggestion on a possible variation.

on Feb 12, 2006

For inspiration.... artofgregmartin.com ...


on Feb 15, 2006
Gravity is the name we have given to that
which holds us to the earth, and holds matter together.

"The greater the mass of an object, the more powerful
is its gravity."
This was tested when we landed on the moon.
There was less gravity on the moon then here on earth.
We know what gravity does.
How does it do what it does?
What is gravity?
These are the questions.
on Feb 15, 2006
crap Iben....now my brain hurts.
on Feb 16, 2006
now my brain hurts

...only because you don't understand the gravity of the question....



on Feb 16, 2006
on Feb 16, 2006
on Feb 16, 2006
#11 best yet!
on Feb 16, 2006
Credit for #11 belongs to WC's resident Sleeping Dragon.
on Feb 21, 2006
A rat’s jaws are 120 times stronger than a human's jaws. FYI

relativity theory

Perhaps the most unusual thing about gravity we know about is that, unlike the other forces of nature, gravity is intimately related to space and time. In fact, space and time are viewed by physicists, and the mathematics of relativity theory, as qualities of the gravitational field of the cosmos that have no independent existence.
Gravity does not exist like the frosting on a cake, embedded in some larger arena of space and time. Instead, the 'frosting' is everything, and matter is embedded and intimately and indivisibly connected to it. If you could turn off gravity, it is mathematically predicted that space and time would also vanish.